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Thank you so much for choosing Emily Starling Photography!  Hopefully, this information will help you prepare for your session, but feel free to call if you have any additional questions.

Here’s how everything goes (this does not apply for wedding photos):

  • We’ll do the session!  They typically last 1-2 hours.  Newborn sessions last between 2-3 hours.
  • I’ll put up a sneak peek for you on Facebook 1-3 days after the session.
  • Your private proofing gallery will be uploaded approximately 2 weeks after your session.
  • This gallery will be viewable for 3 weeks.  You and your family will need to place your order within this time frame.  There will be a $25 charge to put your gallery back up for an additional 3 weeks.
  • You can place your order and make your payment directly from the gallery!
  • Prints and/or products will be mailed 1-3 weeks after payment is received.


Choosing Locations

We can photograph your session pretty much anywhere, as long as it’s safe and ok for us to be there. Tell me beforehand about the feel you want your images to have or any ideas you have, and I can give you some suggestions. I’m always open to trying new places!


What are our sessions like? 

The first thing we will do is look at outfits you have to figure out where to start.  We will typically move around quite a bit trying to get the most versatility.  If we are traveling to different locations, we will spend as much or as little time at each spot as we need.   We will probably walk around and talk and stop at spots I think would photograph nicely. I’ll direct you if needed, please don’t be nervous.  You are not expected to be a professional model in front of my camera!  Please, don’t hold back for fear of looking stupid, you’ll get much better photos if you let go and have fun!

Pinterest is a thing.

In our very Pinterest-inspired culture, I understand that you may come prepared with loads of ideas you’ve seen elsewhere. I will certainly try some of them, but it is also extremely important to me that I stay true to my own artistic style as well. I love to draw inspiration from the things you show me, but I probably won’t replicate any shots exactly as you’ve seen them done before.  If you have any specific ideas in mind, please tell me before the session, so I can be sure to come prepared.


Illness & Weather

Rescheduling is usually a last resort. If someone is sick, however, let me know as soon as you can so we can reschedule. We will reschedule once everyone is well.  I will always reschedule newborn sessions if I am ill.

I do complete retouching on all of your proofs, so please don’t worry about minor cuts, skin blemishes, bruises, etc.

Weather reports can’t always be trusted, so unless you hear otherwise from me, our session is still on (some of the best light is on a cloudy day). However, if it’s storming, we’ll need to find another time or day.  I will always reschedule bridal sessions if it rains before the session.


Newborn Photography

We LOVE photographing newborns!  Though it can be challenging, it is a wonderful thing to be chosen to capture a baby during their first days in the world!  There is quite a bit of planning that goes into a newborn sessions to make it as successful as possible.  Here are a few tips to help you better prepare for your baby’s session!


We recommend that you schedule your newborn session prior to your baby’s birth to ensure that you have a spot on our calendar.  A retainer of $50 is due to book a session.  This will guarantee you a date and time.  It will more than likely be a weekday morning, but we will work with you in case a sibling has school or something like that.  Soon after the baby is born, please shoot us a quick email, text, or phone call to let us know!  That way, if the date we previously set doesn’t work, we can get you in ASAP!

Newborn sessions MUST be scheduled within the first 14 days of life.  The BEST time is when baby is between 3-7 days old!

Where will the session take place?

The majority of our newborn sessions take place in the client’s home.  If weather is comfortable for baby and you like the idea, we can move the session outdoors for a few shots.  If you’re worried because your house is messy, DON’T!  Please try not to stress out about dirty dishes, laundry, and unswept floors.  You just brought a tiny human into the world!  There are more pressing matters to think about!  We expect at least a little bit of clutter.  We’ve shot sessions in plenty of cramped spaces too, so don’t worry that your home may not be big enough.  We’ll probably move furniture around if needed, but don’t worry, we always put things back the way we found them!

Heat your home!

Yes, heat.  Even in Louisiana August?  Yes.  We recommend that you keep your home a bit warmer than normal during the session.  Newborns are used to being warm, either inside their mother or swaddled in blankets.  During their session, we will use little to no clothing and they don’t tend to like being cold.  Bumping up the heat will make them more comfortable and more likely to sleep through the session.  I we’re sweating, baby is probably going to be nice and comfortable and that’s all that matters to us!  Try to start warming your home about 30 minutes before the session time.  We will probably bring along a space heater and a heating pad just in case.  It also helps tremendously if we can warm up posing blankets in the dryer before use, but that part is completely up to you!


Most of the poses we will try work best if your baby is in a deep sleep.  We recommend that you do what you can to ensure that baby is exhausted before his/her session.  Keeping baby awake may feel impossible, but we feel that it is definitely worth a try!


Please feed and burp your baby right before we arrive for the session to ensure that he/she is happy and sleepy, we call it “milk drunk.”  We are more than happy to take breaks during the session if baby needs to refuel!  Parents always tell us that their baby never eats as much as they tend to during their session.  Your first photoshoot is tough work!


Please remove all of baby’s clothing, except for their diaper, mittens, and a loose swaddle prior to feeding.  Loosen your baby’s diaper so that those little lines and indentions have time to fade.


Please do your best to try to keep noise to a minimum during the session.  If you have other children present for the session, we will either photograph them first or last so that they are free to go outside or into another room to play for the rest of the time.  We will bring white noise to try and drown out our talking and small noises, but it doesn’t always block out kids’ playtime noises.  We ask that only those being photographed are present during our session.   Kindly ask guests to wait until after we are done to visit.  Guests will want to hold the baby and all of that excitement could be detrimental to the success of the session.


There’s really only one that we’re concerned about…  MILK.  A mother’s scent is very recognizable to her newborn.  It may be that we have to ask you to step out of the room for a minute.

Be patient!

We rarely get our sessions done before the 3 hour mark.  It all depends on your baby’s mood and willingness to sleep.  Baby’s can sense your frustration, so should he/she not want to sleep, remain calm!  If sleep doesn’t happen right away, we can always get some adorable wide-eyed shots!


Yes, I said that.  Relax.  We have got this under control.  Your baby will be in safe and very capable hands!  We are very comfortable handling and posing little ones!  Feel free to rest.  Sit back, relax, leave the room if you want/need to.  We’re even comfortable letting you nap, shower, get some work done.  That’s all completely fine with us.  If we have questions, or your baby needs to eat, we’ll come get you.

Please try not to stress if your baby doesn’t seem to be cooperating.  They can sense your frustration, especially from their mommies.

Messes happen!

A majority of the shots we do involves the baby being naked or wrapped with no diaper on.  Please don’t panic if he/she potties on our blankets or props.  That’s what soap and water are for!  It is a natural thing and we expect it might happen.  Don’t get embarrassed, they ALL do it!  Have a stack of towels, extra wipes, and extra blankets on standby for us, just in case.


We have lots of different props available for use for both genders.  We don’t tend to photograph newborn in any outfits, they tend to get all bunched when the baby curls up.  If you have anything you would like to use for the session, please let us know ahead of time so that we can prepare!  We usually do 5-7 different set ups at each session.


If at any time during our session, you feel uncomfortable or are concerned about your baby’s safety, please tell us!  We do everything we can to ensure that our newborns are not in any danger.  I will always have an assistant with me to help out if needed!

If you have any other questions regarding your upcoming session with us, please let us know!  We want to help you feel as prepared as you can!  You can email me at es.photo@live.com or caLl (318)453-5925 OR (318)578-9887 (Andrew)

Tory Cordero - March 22, 2013 - 8:55 pm

I was wondering about pricing for wedding packages.
The location would be in Monroe, La around September.

Callie Pharr - September 8, 2013 - 1:10 am

Hi! I am very interested in newborn pricing. Your pictures are great! My due date is Dec. 15. Please let me know! :)

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